David Featherstone

At a Glance

Fitness Model Champion
City worker turned PT & Nutrition Coach
BA (Hons)

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Telephone: +44 (7988) 113416


Davids top tip is to "Stay consistent! Don’t under value the importance of nutrition and training. Get your sessions in and over time you’ll see your results."

In the Field


After 5 years working in the City as an Insurance Underwriter David thought it was time to change his passion for fitness into a career where he can help others and improve their quality of life.

David competed in and won his category in the Miami Pro Physique Championship in 2015 while working a full time insurance underwriting job. This has given him invaluable knowledge when it comes to transformations as he can fully appreciate what clients will go through during their own transformations when fitting it in around their busy work lives.

David believes there is a lot of misconceptions in the fitness industry, with far to much focus on the things which make minimal (if any) difference. David has an anti-supplement view as he feels there is far to much focus on this which he believes actually detracts from proper nutrition. It’s important to note that David competed and won his category in the Miami Pro Physique Championship naturally, steroid and supplement free! David wanted to prove what you can achieve when you focus on the things which actually matter, i.e proper nutrition and a smart consistent training programme.

David specialises in optimising body composition, particularly fat loss and muscle gain however he also loves to see the psychological transformation that a client goes through. Seeing clients walk in the studio stressed out or lacking in confidence but leaving feeling great about themselves. A complete mind and body transformation is what David aspires to achieve for each of his clients.

Qualifications and Training

NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing (REPs accredited)
NCFE Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training (REPs accredited)
LDNM Nutrition Certification
Shredded-by-Science Shreducation (Membership)
Lift The Bar (Membership)