Building your fitness business is tough when you can’t find clients to train - so here’s what Oneshoo will do for you:

Let Clients find You

We know the hardest thing in the fitness business is to find new clients, so when you register your profile with Oneshoo, we will make it public, searchable and subscription free.

We will advertise and promote the directory to make Oneshoo the best place for clients to find the right trainers, teachers and instructors (Trainers), view their accomplishments and engage with them.

Create The Human Connection

We know retention rates increase mainly because clients become comfortable with your personality & style, as well as your skills, but many potential clients never engage with you at all because they know nothing about you.

You can attach your Instagram and Twitter feeds to your Oneshoo profile, so that people can learn more about you through your content as well as your biography and specialities.

Showcase your Credentials

Clients need to know that the Trainer they work with is competent, so we provide for all qualifications to be added to your profile and uploaded as files - insurance too - so clients are confident their Trainer is qualified to be safely engaged by them.

What’s in it for Clients?

With the help of your well-defined profile, new clients can be confident they are getting a trainer with the right credentials and personality for them - they can look forward to fulfilling sessions and will want to return for more.

Convert Leads into Clients

By investing a few minutes to fill out your profile, you can increase your chances of working with new clients by painting a portrait that draws in clients attracted to your profile details and social-media content - you’re inviting them to get to know you and engage if they like what they see.

If you spend those minutes to invest in your profile, clients will find and invest in you.

The founders of Oneshoo run the company day to day and are experienced in collecting and managing customer data securely, having built up and operated client-facing businesses in the financial sector.

We believe our objective is to become the go-to, pioneering fitness directory that professionals, venues and all client types need to use. By granting equal access to the entire industry, we believe we can provide the right trainers, teachers and instructors for clients that will lead to better health & fitness levels for everyone.

Oneshoo is working to build the premier, fitness-industry directory, which will be portable overseas. Initially focusing on the UK, we intend to attract virtually every qualified fitness trainer, teacher and instructor to our platform and help them build up their fitness business.

Our mission is to provide the finest health & fitness directory that promotes qualified professionals and venues where anyone can find their ideal trainer or venue.

Contact Us

If you have questions or queries with Oneshoo please get in touch - we’re happy to assist.

Our support team is available to provide any help you require from the hours of 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Saturday.

That includes providing technical support, receiving feedback & feature requests to help us improve our services and exploring how we can best serve your fitness business.

Ways to contact us:

The blue, oval ‘Support’ button at the bottom left of each screen: select this button and enter your name, email address and query and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Email: please email your query to: [email protected]

Oneshoo's Ambassadors

Our leading Oneshoo Fitness Professionals. Our brand ambassadors that work closely with us as we develop Oneshoo to ensure it meets the needs of the community of fitness professionals around the world.

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